Quotes from the film

Winfried Happ, hunter

Home is everything. Forests, mountains, earth, air. Having nature right at your doorstep, moving freely. Not having to fear anything. I think we don't have to say more, we feel happy here. There is work. We are well off. We can live. That's all a person can wish for in life.

Many refugees pass the 'green' border. I feel sorry for them. A weather like today, wintry, cold, foggy, and they are dressed lightly. I have to say, passing a border in the mountains in such a harsh weather, that's troublesome. That they make it at all. Even more when there are families with children. I feel empathy for them.

Wolfgang Bodner, police officer

You do take it home with you, yes. Looking at your family at home. I often tell my children, 'There was a family from Syria here, the children had the same age. They have no perspective, while you can have everything but are never satisfied. Look at that, they have two plastic bags. Nothing, they don't know the language. No education. What will they do? You have opportunities. Use them.' That's what you take home, of course. What will happen to them? And you think, I wouldn't want to be in their place. Having to move through foreign countries. Not knowing what will happen, where you will end up. Will you even survive?

Priska Überegger, bar owner

I only wish that politicians would understand that a closed border is never a good thing.

Michael Kerschbaumer, milk driver

Generally speaking, human beings are never satisfied, we always want more. That's human nature. We always want more. But at some point, there must be a limit.

Abdoul Lahat Ndiaye, construction manager drilling site

We must make an effort to live together. We have to be respectful in order to be respected. That's how we should live together. War and violence are useless. They serve no purpose. Conflicts must be resolved peacefully. We should know each other.

Ioan Budulai, pastor

I want to say that these people do have this sensitivity, they do feel empathy for the refugees. But their empathy or goodwill is always connected with their fears. And this is where first rejections stem from. But I believe, if you really inform the people and teach them that refugees are people just like we are, only that they don't have a home anymore - then, I think, the people would want to help.

Andreas Hörtnagl, organic farmer

This is a schizophrenic, a truly tragic situation. To fear those who had to flee from war. Who had to flee from violence. Who had to leave their homes. Usually, you do not have to fear people like that. No one likes to leave their home.

But the leading parties must see that populism alone on a long-term basis is not good for politics. Populism is good for elections. They can be won with populism. Sure. But populism is not a basis for serious politics, for the future and the development of this country, for peaceful coexistence and for a modern society. Populism can't do that.

Peter Trenkwalder, master plumber

I think, the future looks different. And I have the feeling this fence or many fences in Europe are the last signs of life of antiquated politics in today's Europe.

And I think we finally have to stop to blame those who come for something that is not their fault. Because if we go back in history, we are guilty. We. We, the generation that lavishly consumes resources. Destroying things that don't belong to us. Invading other countries, and taking everything from them, livelihood, opportunities and future. Of course they flee. I would do that too. Our people also fled from here because they had no opportunity to survive.

Gerhard Niederwieser, police officer

This is the famous border fence. It's been lying here for two years. Right at the area of the Brenner border. We regularly inspect its condition. We did that just now, it's all good. And we hope that it will continue to lie here.